About Us



Gervais Electronics is a family business that has been operating in our nation’s capital for over 60 years!

We have been providing the electronic service industry in Ottawa, the surrounding area, and beyond with quality known brands and products that include electronics parts, state-of-the-art equipment and tools.

It all started in 1952, when televisions first came to Canada and Mr. Ernest Gervais placed one in the window of his music store on Cumberland Street in Ottawa’s Lowertown. With the rapid growth of electronic equipment, in 1955, Gervais decided to invest in electronics. He set up a workshop behind his music store where various electronic devices could be serviced and repaired.

Later, in 1961, 83% of Canadian households had their own television sets and eventually Gervais started selling to TV repair shops around Ottawa and the regions. Supplying and distributing RCA products and gradually the electronics shop – a workshop – in the back of a music store, became a store itself.

From then on, our goal has been to meet the needs of this industry, electronic technicians, students, hobbyists and everyone in between. We strive to assist our customers in taking the innovative approaches necessary in a dynamic environment.

Gervais Electronics is a member of the international procurement and marketing group EDGE. The Edge Group provides us with immediate access to a combined member inventory of over 100 million dollars. This translates into over 700,000 stock items ready for shipment. With access to over 1,500 different manufacturers it's easy to understand why Gervais Electronics is your source for hard to find items.

Gervais Electronics has experienced many changes down through the years, however, something that has never changed is our commitment to provide our customers with a service that is:
  • Efficient
  • Dependable & Reliable
  • Trusting & Honest

André Cousineau


We value and appreciate our loyal customers! Thank you very much for choosing us, Gervais Electronics for your business and May we continue to service Ottawa for many more years to come.